Air Conditioning Installations

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Muccia specializes in AC Installation

Upgrading or replacing you AC system? We’re the team for the job!

When the hot summer months of New Jersey approach, you be questioning whether or not you can make it one more year with that shoddy or non-existent AC system in your home or office.

Why suffer through yet another mind melting summer when you can live in the comfort and coolness provided by a new AC system. Exactly, you shouldn’t have to.

But buying an AC unit or system is just step one. Next up on the agenda is installation. And while installation can range from the simple to the complex (depending on the type), hiring a professional AC company to install your new system is the best way to ensure it gets done right, is up to local city codes, and works to perfection.

Not sure if you need an AC Upgrade or Replacement?

Here’s a few signs that it might be time for a new AC installation:

  • Increased utility costs with use (higher than normal)
  • System does not perform like it used to
  • You notice airflow is weak
  • Air pumped out is room temperature or warm

While the above is a shortlist of a few reasons you may need a new AC installed, in general it is a good idea to begin looking into replacements around the 8-10 year mark. As your system gets older, efficiency can and does degrade over time.

Degradation may show itself in a few ways:

  • Decreased efficiency and higher energy costs
  • Malfunctions or system failure
  • Frequent need of repairs
  • Loud or strange noises

AC Installation – What’s the alternative?

When your AC begins to show its age, you will be faced with two options:

  1. Repairs and maintenance costs
  2. Replacement and AC installation

While the choice is ultimately up to you, many of our customers find that once your system reaches 8-10+ years of age, the cost of continual repairs outweighs the benefits of keeping the old system in place.

With advances in technology, installing a new energy efficient AC might save you big in the long run and is often the better choice. Give us a call today and get your system inspected by our expert technicians to see if a new installation is the best option for your home or office.

AC Installation – what to expect

Many home and business owners are nervous about the disruption and extent of work needed for AC installation. But with new refined methods it’s not as ominous as once thought.

In fact, often times AC installations are minimally invasive as it relates to your home or businesses’ structure. Not only that, our teams are fast, efficient, professional and courteous, working to get your new system installed fast and effectively so you can get back to work or play.

Installations can be completed in one working day, providing the relief of cool, refreshing and clean air before you know it!

AC Installation Process:

The exact process will vary depending on your specific system purchased and your current set-up, but in general the following would apply:

  • Expert consultation
  • Evaluation of your current setup
  • Professional advice
  • Selection of system, unit and make/model
  • Scheduled date of installation (we’re flexible and can work around your schedule)
  • Confirmation of appointment and a heads up that we’re on our way
  • Professionally trained and dressed technicians arrive on scene
  • We being work with your authorization
  • Quick, efficient and professional AC installation
  • Clean up and final touches
  • Confirmation and testing of the system
  • Educating you on how to use your new system
  • Final paperwork and maintenance advice

Why Choose us for your AC Installation?

Our company has been serving the local residents and businesses of New Jersey for years. We’re locally owned and operated, right in your neighborhood. Our AC installation services have helped countless NJ residents just like you keep their homes and businesses refreshingly cool during the hot summer months at a price that is competitive yet affordable.

We’re licensed, insured, bonded and come with combined decades of experience to handle any job, big or small, simple or complex.

We believe our track record of customer success stories and reviews speaks for itself, but we’d love the opportunity to show you in person. Give us a call, drop us a line or stop by today. We’d love to have a chat and help you better understand why we’re the right guys and gals for the job.