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Air Conditioner Repair in New Jersey

Muccia Plumbing has been servicing air conditioning systems for over 40 years. We handle nearly every brand of compressor manufactured. Our technicians have undergone training in all forms of residential and commercial air conditioning and ventilation service. Muccia Plumbing stocks replacement parts at our centrally located Bergen County service center in Hackensack. When you call Muccia Plumbing for an air conditioning problem, you can rely on our experience, training and inventory of high quality replacement parts to make you comfortable once again.

AC Repair Company in NJ

When it comes to keeping your New Jersey home or office minty cool, nothing gets the job done better than a properly functioning AC system. But when that system starts to act up, things can get HOT fast…especially during the blistering summer months.

If you’ve noticed your AC just isn’t quite cooling the way it used to it might be time to give us a call. Our New Jersey HVAC repair technicians are experts at finding out the underlying cause of the problem and helping you find the most cost effective solution to get your living or working space back to the comfort level you expect and deserve.

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Signs you may be in need of AC Repair

Not sure if you’re in need of AC repair? No problem. Here’s a short checklist to help you determine if you need to call up our AC repair team:

  • Your AC blows warm air
  • Airflow or strength of the fan seems weak
  • Your thermostat doesn’t seem to be reading correctly (i.e. it is hotter than it says)
  • You notice unusual noises when your AC operates
  • You notice a foul smell or odor coming from your AC or vents
  • Humidity levels in your home or office are higher than usual
  • You notice leaking from your system or unit
  • Your utility bills have been increasing with no identifiable reason why
  • Your system or unit is more than 8-10 years old
  • Your system has not been serviced or inspected in over a year

The above are some of the most common indications of your AC system needing repair or maintenance. But those aren’t the only symptoms. If you notice your AC simply isn’t performing how it should, give us a call. Our expertly trained technicians can troubleshoot even the smallest of issues, potentially saving you hundreds or thousands in expensive damages caused by ignoring the issue.


Everybody in NJ needs Air Conditioning in the Summer

Each of us is different in our tolerance of warmth or chill. If you’ve ever been in a doctor’s waiting room, there is often an equal number of patients waiting who are a little warm as those who wished they had brought a sweater. Our responsibility is not to be your home referee of what’s too hot or what’s too cool. Around 80 degrees seems to be accommodating most folks, but when the humidity is high, the water content in the air makes their cool air feel like it’s not cool enough. This causes us to press the DOWN button to 78. Of course, after an hour, the air-water content is removed and now comes the “It’s Cold In Here!” from someone.

Types of Cooling Systems We Repair

When it comes to central air conditioning systems, we do it all. Our professionally trained technicians can work on a wide variety of different manufacturers’ systems and are capable of quickly finding issues and implementing repairs in a fast and affordable manner.

Of special note are the what are called splitters. This essentially puts the air compressor on the outside of the home, and an airbox that handles automated temperature, fan speed and on and off times independently. Muccia Air Conditioning and Plumbing are one of the few contractors who is certified on Mitsubishi and other popular brands of split systems. Note: We do not service appliances such as window air conditioners or portable air conditioners.

How Air Conditioners Work

Air conditioners work by removing heat from the warm air in your buildings/homes and replacing it with cool air until the thermostat reaches the desired temperature. Freon provides cooling by:

  1. Compressing the Freon gas causing it to become hot (high-pressure Freon) in the system’s compressor.
  2. Passing the hot air through a series of coils to dissipate the heat and condense the gas into a liquid.
  3. Passing the Freon liquid through an expansion valve where it evaporates to become cold (low-pressure Freon).
  4. This cold gas runs through a series of coils that allows the gas to absorb heat and cool down the air inside the building.

HVAC units also help clean the air inside your facility by filtering the air of dust, pollen, mold spores and other allergens. Air conditioners also function as dehumidifiers as they take excess water vapor from the air and use it to help cool the unit.

A few signs your central air conditioning (CAC) system may need repair:

  • Neglect – We’re not here to judge, but if your CAC isn’t working to your standards and it’s been over a year since you’ve had it maintained or inspected, then it’s imperative that you give Muccia Air Conditioning a call at. At the very least, you’ll probably need a simple filter replacement, cleaning, and tune-up.
  • Freon Leaks – What is Freon. Freon is a gas at room temperature and a liquid when cooled or compressed. Freon gas is colorless, non-flammable and relatively odorless. Some Freons have an ether-like odor. Commercially available Freons include:
    • R134A – Tetrafluoroethane (for autos)
    • R22 Chlorodifluoromethane (for air conditioning)
    • R410A – Is an alternate/replacement for R22 due to R22’s worldwide phaseout as it is shown to deplete the Ozone Layer

    Don’t rely on a detectable odor. Look for frost-like buildup on the copper lines around the HVAC unit. Check to see if the HVAC unit is blowing warm air. Over time, without an annual inspection, a little freon gas may leak from rubber seals and gaskets that may be exposed to extreme hot and cold. It usually presents itself with a barely noticeable change in what felt cool at 80 now needs a setting of 78. The remaining freon gas must be pumped more quickly in order to maintain the desired coolness level.Electric Bill Image

  • Higher than typical cooling costs. This doesn’t mean the PRICE you pay since electricity prices tend to rise and occasionally drop. Instead, take a closer look at the kWh (Kilowatt Hours) you consumed (indicated by the green outline in the example to the left). The attached example shows the results for a good running system, that’s had regular check-ups so that the average local temp is what is affecting the higher use of energy.
  • Weak Airflow – as it relates to forced air systems such as HVAC, a weak airflow through your ducts is a strong indicator that at things might not be working as they should. Problems can range from worn out belts and motors to clogs in the filter or ductwork. Again, a quick call to Muccia Air Conditioning can do a simple inspection.
  • Thermostat Issues – While most home and business owners replace their battery operated smoke and CO2 batteries on the familiar clock change from spring and fall, many forget to change their thermostat batteries. So before you make the call, and if you have more than one, take a quick trip to the grocery and/or home improvement store and get replacement batteries. FIRST, take the cover off and remove at least one of the batteries so you’ll know if you need AA (the usual) or a 9V or some other size. Be sure to put the new ones in the exact same way the old ones came out. There is a diagram behind the batteries in case you remove them both and don’t recall how they go back in.

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