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Normal Hours: 8AM – 5 PM After Hours: By appointment Emergencies: Anytime

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2020 Hot Water Heater Tank Guide

Although many have switched to tankless water heaters, may hot water heaters still use a tank. If your home has a water heater tank, there are a few important tips you may want to know about properly caring for it and when you may need to get it replaced, or how to maintain it to best extend its life. Welcome to 2020 It's another new year and time to have a realistic look at your home or businesses heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing. If You Forgot, You're Not Alone No matter how many times your plumber warns you about [...]

Treating Your Water Heater Like It’s Your Car

When it comes to keeping autos maintained, few people ignore the manufacturer’s recommendations. For example, many cars built in the last 5-7 years, alert the driver to remaining oil life. It’s a common to hear friends and neighbors state “My car is due for an oil change, I need to get that scheduled.” Additional maintenance most people also include is brake pads, wiper blades, the engine air filter, and the cabin air filter as part of scheduled car care. It is a simple concept. To avoid an unexpected repair due to a clogged filter or low/dirty oil and filter, maintenance [...]

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