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Check out our blog! You can find several helpful tips, informational guides, news stories, recent posts, and more related to do-it-yourself. Contact Muccia in New Jersey for plumbing and HVAC services and help with your home or office systems.

2020 Hot Water Heater Tank Guide

Although many have switched to tankless water heaters, may hot water heaters still use a tank. If your home has a water heater tank, there are a few important tips you may want to know about properly caring for it and when you may need to get it replaced, or how to maintain it to best extend its life. Welcome to 2020 It's another new year and time to have a realistic look at your home or businesses heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing. If You Forgot, You're Not Alone No matter how many times your plumber warns you about [...]

Getting Ready for Winter

Mike Muccia's first 4 tips to get ready for winter Mike's Tip #1 In a recent edition of Mike's Kwik-Tip on Facebook, we recommended that you remove the timers off any hose bibs since a quick unexpected freeze will destroy the internal plastic parts. (In English please!) There is a fitting where a hose can be attached to a home water supply (usually more than one) so watering the lawn and garden is simplified. The part that the hose screws onto is called a hose bib.  We received many "thank you"s for that tip, but now that we are in [...]

Mike’s Winter Weather Tips: Part 2

Last month, we focused on a list of simple tips for preparing your home or business for winter, as the colder months begin to approach. This month we’ll add some more ideas to help ensure your home is warm and toasty, with additional focus on things that keep your costs as close to zero as possible. So here we go: Ceiling Fans If you have ceiling fans in your home or business, you should set the rotation direction properly for the season. As you probably know, warm air rises, and cool air falls. So, it’s best to have your fans [...]

November 1st, 2017|How To|

Mike’s Winter Weather Tips

In this post, we go beyond our usual tips for heating, plumbing, cooling and ventilation. Instead, this winter weather blog is meant to give you ample time to make some changes before it gets REALLY cold. Let’s begin! It’s still comparatively warm outside during much of the fall. Keeping window shades and heavy drapes closed keeps that warm air inside. It collects throughout the house. Have you ever walked outside on a chilly day and thought “It’s warmer out here than inside”? Well, that’s because outside, you’re enjoying the remaining time that the sun and earth are still close enough [...]

October 11th, 2017|How To|

Choosing Heating Systems Service and Repair in New Jersey

As winter approaches New Jersey, it is time to ensure you will have an efficient, working heating system. Extremely low temperatures in homes are not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous to your health. It's imperative for your heating system to be up and running during the cold season. Heater problems should be addressed promptly by calling in experts to diagnose and repair them. Never gamble with these systems by trying to go Do-It-Yourself. Done incorrectly, you may be forced to replace more components by a heater repair contractor in New Jersey. When looking for a contractor, ensure that you land the best one as not all of them are capable [...]

September 8th, 2017|Heat|

Causes of Clogged Drains That Don’t Drain

Whether you’ve taken a shower and your ankles are underwater, or your kitchen or bathroom sink takes forever to drain, here’s what's causing the clog and some tips on what to do today if your drains running slow or not at all. Soap: The Silent Drain Clogger When it comes to bathroom drains and basins, the typical cause is a combination of soap and hair. Whether it’s gel-based shaving cream, liquid soap for washing hands or shampoo in the tub, they all have the same thing in common – they are sticky. Whether your drains are metal or plastic or [...]

August 3rd, 2017|Drainage, Safety|

Single System: How To Keep it Running Great All Year

Single HVAC System and How To Keep It Running Great All Year Long While most homes and businesses in the northeast US have two separate systems, sometimes we come across a single HVAC system. This blog is to help you understand the differences, especially as the baby-boomers are beginning their migration to the warmer southern climate. In a typical Bergen County, NJ set up, there are actually two systems. One is dedicated to producing heat during the winter. It uses only one fuel source which, in recent years is likely to be natural gas. Some homes and businesses still run [...]

July 13th, 2017|HVAC|

How to Caulk like a Pro

Caulk can add a finishing touch, or look like a sloppy mess of blobs and gaps. In this edition of Mike’s Tips, we’ll share some ideas to help turn you into a caulking pro. Here’s Mike's Top Ten List to Caulk Like a Pro 1. Safety First - Because there are a many older homes in Bergen County, safety glasses are necessary because bits of old, hardened caulk can come loose and end up flying up at your face. Depending on the type of caulk you are using and other solvents for clean-up, open windows and doors for adequate ventilation. Work [...]

June 21st, 2017|How To|

DIY Plumbing and Toilets: Safety is Priority 1

These days, learning by watching a YouTube video is available for nearly every possible service a shade tree mechanic can perform on an automobile. Likewise, there are good hearted folks on YouTube sharing information on Do-It-Yourself (D-I-Y) plumbing projects. For some things, if you’re a bit mechanically inclined, have some basic tools, and a Home Depot or Lowes close by, you might be OK for some of the simpler homeowner projects. For example, if your toilet is running all day and all night, despite several attempts at jiggling the handle, you may be able to save a few dollars and [...]

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