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2020 Hot Water Heater Tank Guide

Although many have switched to tankless water heaters, may hot water heaters still use a tank. If your home has a water heater tank, there are a few important tips you may want to know about properly caring for it and when you may need to get it replaced, or how to maintain it to best extend its life. Welcome to 2020 It's another new year and time to have a realistic look at your home or businesses heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing. If You Forgot, You're Not Alone No matter how many times your plumber warns you about [...]

Bergen County NJ Hard Water

Hard Water. Most people think that hard water is primarily in the Midwest. In reality, there are parts of New Jersey, many in #BergenCounty towns, where hard water zones are prevalent. Unfortunately, New Jersey homeowners who live or own businesses in hard water zones can experience one of the most frustrating plumbing issues. So, what is hard water? Generally, it’s water from a household faucet (tap water) with an atypically high mineral count. Why does one town have hard water and one close by does not is purely the composite of the soil and stone bed. Such geographical features like [...]

October 19th, 2017|Keeping Safe|

A Simple but Effective Bathroom Upgrade

Right now (if you are home of course), take a look in your bathroom. Specifically the bathtub and/or shower. Do you still have separate handles to turn on the hot and cold water, in order to regulate bath or shower water? Does it look something like the photo to the left? Chances are it may be an original bathtub/shower faucet set up probably done in the 1950s - give or take a decade. At one time, it was state of the art. Now it's old and prone to needing washers, seats and handle replacements. UGH! Imagine. No more drips ! The above [...]

September 26th, 2017|How To|
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