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A message from Mike Muccia, Founder and Master Plumber
regarding COVID-19 Virus

  • Our techs are prepared with protective clothing when they arrive at your home.

  • We maintain 6 plus feet of distance between our customers and our techs.

  • We clean any surfaces in your home we touch.

  • We are as concerned as YOU are about spreading any viruses

  • Trust me. I am Muccia Plumbing. And I have a family too.

Welcome to Muccia Plumbing, Heating & AC. For more than 40 years, we have proudly provided our Bergen County, NJ customers with the best service, extraordinary reliability, and affordable pricing. Muccia Plumbing technicians use only the highest quality products, and we back every job with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

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Michael Muccia is a Master Plumber and the owner and operator of Muccia Plumbing. Muccia Plumbing is a full-service Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) service company based in and serving Bergen County, NJ since 1978. The Muccia Plumbing team of trained and certified service technicians, offers a variety of services including general plumbing and heating maintenance, for both residential and commercial clients.

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From Our Clients:

They were professional, personable, well priced, and didn’t try to up charge or con us. Best of all they understood the importance of customer service. Also, I was really impressed with how well they kept their work area clean. Bravo!   – young Oscar

I needed to have my water heater replaced and they were able to come within hours. The Lady who answered the phone was so kind, caring and understanding. She had extreme knowledge regarding the situation. Bernie came to asset the situation and JD installed the new water heater the next day. Very satisfied with the service i was provided.    – Jill Fine

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Whatever your plumbing, heating, air conditioning or ventilation needs are, it’s easier with Muccia Plumbing. We treat our customers, large and small, with the best service in the industry. We know you have a choice when considering an HVAC company, and no matter what we do for you, we treat as the most important job in our history. Our experience proves that we know how to work efficiently which keeps costs low, using only the best components within budget, and stand behind the work we do.

Example of services for your Bergen County home or business:

  • Clean, Tune and Restart Winter Heating Systems

  • Emergency Water Heater replacement

  • Sump Pumps – AC powered with or without battery backup
  • Basement Pumps for Bathrooms

  • All water and drainage systems

  • Bib valves aka outdoor water spigots

  • Modern faucet replacements for every bathroom fixture, kitchen sink, etc.

  • Pipes for natural gas service for appliances such as ovens, clothes dryers, and of course water heaters

  • Piping and replacement of all parts for continuous operation of heating systems and cooling systems

  • HVAC updates to meet or exceed NJ state and individual town codes

hvac services

Hot Water Heater Replacement

Affordable and reliable repairs

Seeing water on your basement floor usually means that your water heater has outlived is existence. There is never a good time for this failure to occur, and many times it happens at the worst possible time.

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Quality plumbing Services

Whether you’re the manager of a 50 unit apartment complex, or a newlywed couple buying a house that needs modern upgrades, Muccia Plumbing is your best choice for helping you achieve your goals.

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residential plumbing

Heating & Cooling

Serving Bergen County

Clearly the best way to avoid a broken heating or cooling system is to get an annual inspection. This inspection will provide Muccia Plumbing with specific data about the age, condition, and recommended…

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Bergenfield Plumbing

Sewers & Drains Service

We get dirty so you dont have to!

If you remember NOTHING from this page, please remember this: Using caustic cleaners to clear out a slow drain is both dangerous and impractical. Drain openers often use sulfuric acid-based liquids…

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Boiler Replacement

Quality plumbing and heating

As your plumbing service provider, Muccia
Plumbing is delighted to help with all your
plumbing needs including, bathroom appliance
(sink, shower, toilet, etc.)

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Air Conditioning Repair

Quality Service & Repair

Muccia Plumbing has been servicing air
conditioning systems for over 40 years. We
handle nearly every brand of compressor

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Why choose us?

The best Plumber & HVAC company in Bergen County

Helping You Around The House

As your plumbing service provider, Muccia Plumbing is delighted to helps with all your plumbing needs including, bathroom appliance (sink, shower, toilet, etc.), sump pumps, wi-fi adjustable thermostats, kitchen appliance (garbage disposal, gas piping to stove, faucets, water connection to refrigerator, etc.) Believe it or not, many of the appliances and accessories mentioned above, do not last forever. Are you frustrated with hearing the toilet running all night? Wouldn’t the convenience of a wi-fi attached thermostat make your home warm or cool before you arrive via control at your fingertips? Is your air-conditioning system working extra hard because it’s low on refrigerant? Do you have plans to install a bathroom off the master bedroom in your home (which adds both convenience and resale value)? Whether it’s your residence or a multi-unit building you manage, when there is a plumbing or heating emergency, you need to be sure you chose the right service provider immediately. There is no time for second-guessing or putting the project “out to bid”. The decision is a simple one. Call the leader HVAC in the Bergen County NJ area. If your hot water heater just failed, one call is all it takes. If your waste or sewer drains are backing up and causing a potential health hazard, don’t wait another minute – act now, and make the right choice – Muccia Plumbing. Why? Because Muccia Plumbing will respond fast, assess the situation, and get the right parts necessary from our extensive inventory – any time, any day – when you need it most. Frankly, it’s the single most often reason customers continue to call us for all their HVAC needs – emergency or not. Become part of the Muccia Family of satisfied customers today. Let us make sure you can avoid problems before they happen with a complete inspection of your heating and cooling system, including drains, hot water heater, air conditioning and heating system. We promise, you won’t be disappointed. It’s easy – just complete the request for inspection form and we’ll schedule a time that’s convenience for you!

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