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Normal Hours: 8AM – 5 PM After Hours: By appointment Emergencies: Anytime

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HVAC Plumbing and Fighting Coronavirus Together: Muccia OPEN to Help

For more than 43 years, Muccia Plumbing & Heating business has been servicing Bergen County, NJ. Governor Murphy has instituted a lock down due to the Coronavirus and U.S. COVID-19 Pandemic in March and April, 2020. Muccia Plumbing & Heating is considered a vital or essential service by the local government, allowing our business to continue to provide our customers and the public with the best in plumbing, heating and AC related services. Our office staff is on duty from 7 AM to 5 PM Mon-Fri, and we maintain a unique after hours call service for late evenings, weekends, and [...]

March 23rd, 2020|Coronavirus|

Leaving #BergenCounty? Do Your Own Plumbing Inspection

Movin' Out. Leaving #BergenCounty? It's true. New Jersey, whether it's a change of jobs, costs of commuting or high real estate taxes that are only deductible to the $10,000 limit on a Federal Tax return, is losing its population to warmer and lower cost of living southern states. If you are thinking about a move and remaining in the Garden State or heading to another state, your home will have to pass an inspection by a certified pro. You can avoid surprises discovered on an inspector's report by doing some of your own checks. Here's a quick list of things [...]

2020 Guide to Hot Water Heater Tanks

Welcome to 2020 As we begin yet another new year, it's time to have a realistic look at your home or businesses heating, ventilation, air conditioning and overall plumbing. Some of these items are easy to plan and budget for, while some unfortunately are not. No matter how many times your plumber warns you about the remaining, if any, life expectancy of your hot water heater tank, you’re likely going to wait that one day too many. At that point, it’s no longer a hot water tank replacement. If you’re home is like many, there is a utility side where [...]

Muccia Plumbing Explains Water Heater Replacement

We often bring up water heater replacement in our online and Facebook posts. Some readers might assume it’s not just sound advice. Today we’re going to go a little deeper on why hot water heaters need to be replaced. Like any other home appliance, it can be a surprising hit to your budget. Just like your refrigerator, microwave or even your car, replacing the water heater will result in one less headache you can count on for several years. Consider that neglecting to replace your water heater before it fails ends up costing far more in repairs and operational costs. [...]

Muccia Plumbing Embraces Conversion: Tank to Tankless Hot Water Heaters

 From Tank to Tankless Hot Water Heaters: Muccia Plumbing of Hackensack NJ Embraces Conversion with Discounts The venerable hot water tank has finally met it's match. For the last ten years, debates continued about the efficiencies and longevity of tank vs tankless water heaters. However, the match is over. Recent updates in materials and processes for on-demand hot water from a tank unit can stand up side by side with a new tankless. First, the obvious, there is no need to run precious water up two stories until it's warm enough to take a shower. In fact, there is a [...]

Check Your A/C Compressor

Mike's Tips: Spring is here in #BergenCounty. Please, before you start your A/C compressor, it’s very important to remove any #cover you have for it. Also if there is green overgrowth or debris, you don’t want it bending the fan blades.The cover photo is an example of what NOT to have around your compressor. #Ridgewood #Ramsey #Oradell are just 3 towns that called us this weekend with a cover or branches or overgrown ivy that was sucked into their compressor.

Getting Ready for Winter

Mike Muccia's first 4 tips to get ready for winter Mike's Tip #1 In a recent edition of Mike's Kwik-Tip on Facebook, we recommended that you remove the timers off any hose bibs since a quick unexpected freeze will destroy the internal plastic parts. (In English please!) There is a fitting where a hose can be attached to a home water supply (usually more than one) so watering the lawn and garden is simplified. The part that the hose screws onto is called a hose bib.  We received many "thank you"s for that tip, but now that we are in [...]

Heating System Startup

Muccia Plumbing, Heating and AC has already begun to get calls to schedule a heating system startup. It makes sense and it's worth spending a few moments understanding what we do and why you should care. Understanding the complex heating system and why it needs an annual startup Your heating system is a complex machine. It includes a variety of devices that check for fuel pressure, water level, water pressure, valves, zones, pumps and more. These devices and indicators are specific to your system, and are meant to take care of each part of your home or business with a [...]

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