Hot Water Heater Repair and Replacement

Hot Water Heater Repair

The bad news is few of us are truly prepared. We tend to have important documents, furniture, expensive rugs, children’s beloved toys, electronic controllers for video games, and even power cords and extensions which can render the whole basement a serious health and safety hazard.

Here’s the good news, Muccia offers Bergen County homeowners and business owners fast response when your hot water heater fails. Muccia Plumbing carries high-quality water heaters, far superior to those sold in so-called “big box” home improvement centers. Muccia Plumbing keeps up to date with changes to the building codes frequently updated by the State of New Jersey, and enforced by local town safety inspectors. For example, many homes regardless of the type of fuel source used to heat hot water tanks now require a 4” exhaust pipe. With Muccia Plumbing, there are no surprises. There are no extra fees that some “Water Heaters Only” providers tack on after removing your leaking tank. Instead, you can count on Muccia Plumbing to evaluate the current system, advise you of any necessary changes required by law, and advise you of the estimated charges for labor and necessary parts.

As an independent master plumber, I can buy any water heater, tank, or tankless, that I think fits the job based on the customer’s wants and needs. However, frequently they have taken a ride to their local home improvement center and have seen a 40-gallon tank (give or take a gallon). They scan the brands they have in stock and they leave confused because they do not understand such a radical difference in price.

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At Muccia Plumbing, we understand that an emergency can impact an entire family, and they always happen at the worst possible time. For that reason, Muccia Plumbing helps guide you on the proper size (in gallons), and the pros and cons of the traditional tank or popular tankless water heaters. Based on your hot water needs gives Muccia Plumbing the necessary information in order to recommend your purchase is the perfect fit for what you need.

There are no additional fees for disposal of the existing hot water tanks and related trash, and Muccia Plumbing will leave your home or business clean and safe. Your investment in a new water heater installed by Muccia Plumbing will provide worry-free operation for years to come. Don’t be fooled by discount, off-brand water heaters made of cheap foreign materials. Trust Muccia Plumbing to deliver a USA-built product by well-known manufacturers like Bradford White. We promise you’ll get the product, service, updates, and clean-up. Best of all – Muccia Plumbing offers affordable and competitive pricing. Sign up for our newsletter to get coupons, sales, and smart ideas to get the best product installed at the lowest cost.

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