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Great Tips On Maintaining Your HVAC Unit

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At first glance, your HVAC unit may appear formidable and scary but if you take the time to carefully examine it you’ll soon recognize certain parts. It helps immensely if you have the original owner’s manual that came with the unit as that will help you identify many of the parts to get you started. It will also give you a list of quick and easy maintenance checks that you should perform on a regular basis. Let’s take a look at some of the most basic tasks that every homeowner should learn how to take care of on their air conditioner or heat pump.

Keeping the Unit Clean And The Area Around It Uncluttered Is Important

There are several reasons why this is very necessary, one is that the unit needs to breathe and have air circulation around it to perform all of its functions. If you notice that other members of the household are piling junk around it you should make certain they know how costly it could be. When the air around the unit can’t keep the coils cool, the machine will work extra hard every hour of every day to do its job and wear out far sooner.

The same goes for keeping the exterior of the unit clean and free from dust and dirt because that will eventually fall down inside and slow the heating and cooling capacity down. You’ll see grills and vents all over the unit and these should remain clean and unblocked at all times. Blocking them will raise your energy bills and cause extra wear and tear on the moving parts. Soon you’ll need a repairman or a whole new unit, so it’s important.

Cleaning The Filters Helps Save Energy And Decreases the Wear

Most HVAC units will have an outside and inside portion, each with its own air filter. They should both be checked and replaced on a regular schedule since once they’re clogged your unit will be working harder, using more energy, and wearing out sooner as well.

There are also points inside that need to be lubricated once in a while and those spots will be indicated in the owner’s manual. If you don’t have it, you can most likely go online and download it from the manufacturer’s website for free as long as you know the make, model, and year of your unit. The manual will also give you some basic tips on what to keep clean, what to inspect, and when it’s important to call an HVAC repairman instead.

For Your Health, Keep The Ductwork Clean Too

Some of the ducts will be accessible by removing the grills and vacuuming inside. You won’t be able to reach all the way in, but every little bit helps. You should be on a regular schedule of having them professionally cleaned about every 6 months to keep your family free from allergies due to dust, debris, pollen, and other contaminants that will accumulate in your ducts.

If you have questions about maintaining your HVAC unit you can call Muccia Plumbing, Heating & AC Company for advice. They’ll be very helpful and let you know what you can do or what you should leave to the professionals in order to get the best service from your AC unit.

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