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Buying a new water heater can be a challenging and confusing process. The latest water heaters boast high technology and intelligent features to help you monitor and control your appliance and increase efficiency. Electric water heaters are worth investing in as these units are significantly more environmentally sustainable than natural gas heaters. This could help you qualify for tax credits or rebates.

Both gas and electric water heaters have their ups and downs. A gas water heater will continue functioning despite a power outage, but they cost more. While an electric water heater is less expensive, operating may cost more in the long run.

Below, we at Muccia Plumbing, Heating & AC have highlighted the five best water heaters and critical factors to consider when choosing the perfect one for your home.

The Rheem Gladiator Water Heater

The Rheem water Heater is reliable and long-lasting, with a 12-year warranty. Its eco-friendly burner produces low emissions, giving it an energy star rating.

The heater features an EcoNet Wi-Fi Kit and a smartphone app that allows you to control and monitor it easily. The EcoNet system also sends notifications if any problems or leakages exist.

The appliance automatically switches off if potentially flammable vapor accumulates to protect you.

The Rheem Gladiator Water Heater operates without a filter, so there is no need to clean it. However, this heater is not ideal for households with more than four members.

A.O. Smith Signature Premier Electric Water Heater

The A.O. Smith Signature Premier Electric Water Heater stands out with its compact size, high energy efficiency, affordability, and smart design.

The 50-gallon water heater has an Energy Smart Mode, which intelligently responds to hot water usage by automatically minimizing standby heat loss when not using hot water.

The Smith Signature Premier is ideal for households with three to four people. It can fit snugly in small places like cupboards.

Rheem Performance Platinum Smart Electric Water Heater

The Rheem Performance Platinum Electric Water Heater operates silently and efficiently. It features a hybrid heat pump, which makes it more energy efficient than your average electric water heater.

This appliance has a Smart Mode that alerts your phone if anything goes wrong or water leakages are detected.

It is ideal for five-person households and can handle four back-to-back showers.

Another smart control is the heater’s ability to go into a high-demand mode for plenty of hot water. It also has a Vacation Mode for when you are away.

The only downsides are that it is costly and heavy.

The Westinghouse Lifetime Electric Water Heater

The Westinghouse Lifetime Water Heater features an 80-gallon tank, making it an ideal choice for large families that need a lot of hot water fast.

The water heater’s stainless steel design and structure make it light and easy to move around. The stainless steel also prevents the accumulation of scale, making the heater more durable.

The heater also has an adjustable thermostat, allowing you to control the water temperature in the tank conveniently.

Although the Westinghouse Lifetime Electric Water Heater is expensive, it does include a lifetime warranty.

Bosch Tronic 3000 T ES4 Water Heater

This incredible compact water heater is specifically designed for point-of-use plugging in.

Although the Bosch Tronic heater has a four-gallon tank and won’t be able to provide enough hot water for an entire family, it can quickly heat water in one area. The heater also has a short recovery time, so you won’t have to wait too long for hot water.

This heater has a glass lining, which makes it great for insulation. It has a 98% thermal efficiency.

Final thoughts

Contacting reputable plumbing companies, like Muccia Plumbing, Heating & AC, is essential when installing your water heater. We also offer other services, including air conditioning installation and ac or HVAC repair.

While buying an electric or gas water heater is entirely up to you, we hope our advice above will assist you in finding the best appliance for your home.

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