Why Hire an HVAC Professional in New Jersey

woman calling insurance for home leaks

We all have them; heating and cooling systems. And on occasion, like any system, they need a little TLC. And when the going gets tough, the “go getter” in us might be tempted to dig in headfirst.

After all, we’ve all watched enough HGTV episodes to be an HVAC expert right? Wrong!

Look, we get the inclination. It can be fun and rewarding to fix things yourself, especially those systems that keep our homes running smooth and comfortably. But when it comes to your HVAC system…this is one time you really should leave it to the pros.

And yes, we get that our opinion might be a little bit biased given that we’re HVAC services providers. But trust us, we have you and your family’s best in mind.

Importance of Hiring a Licensed HVAC Professional

Accountability & Liability

One of the primary reasons you should hire a LICENCED professional is with regards to liability. When you hire a service provider to work on your home or office, you “could” be held liable if that technician gets injured while performing work.

Fact is, accidents can and do happen. After all, we’re only human. Licensed contractors are required to have Worker’s Compensation Insurance and other insurance in place to cover any accidents their worker’s may experience while working on-site. Unlicensed professionals however, may not.

Legal and Code Compliance

Contractors are required (in most cases) to be licensed to perform services in your specific city / county. Work done by an unlicensed contractor would put you in a liable situation for damages, but also for any work that is not “done up to code” and other building regulations.

Insurance (yours and theirs)

Licensed contractors have liability and other insurance in place in case accidental damage to your home or systems happens. But more than that, take the following as an extreme example:

You have HVAC work done. A faulty wire causes a fire. Your house burns down. Your insurance company will want paperwork showing WHO did the work on your home. If you hired a contractor that was NOT licensed or did work that was NOT up to code, your insurance company likely will NOT pay out.

Training and Experience

How-to videos and manuals are great, but they can only get you so far. Experience matters, and our highly trained technicians have what it takes to perform a wide range of HVAC services. They are highly trained and broadly experienced.

Expert Advice and Consultation

When it comes to HVAC systems, the options and range of options to choose from is virtually endless. And depending on your home or business, you may not know what to go with or how to install properly to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Hiring an experienced HVAC installer can ensure you get the best product for your needs and can potentially save you thousands over the course of the lifetime of your install.

Our Expert HVAC Professionals can help you:

1. Choose the right System and Model

The proper system and size can and does correlate to its level of efficiency and function. Picking the wrong system or size can result in unsatisfactory heating or cooling, or unnecessary energy costs.

2. Proper Installation

Improper installation can result in:

• Equipment failure
• Increased energy costs / reduced efficiency
• Reduced life-span of your system
• Failures or malfunctions
• Damage to your home or business

Research has shown that improper or un-optimized installations can result in up to 30% higher energy bills each month.

3. Ongoing Maintenance, Inspection and repairs

A full service provider like Muccia HVAC Services can help you keep your system running like new for decades. We are fully equipped to handle diagnostics, inspections, repairs and other maintenance. We’re also available for emergency calls and are locally owned and operated for fast response times.

Save yourself the Hassle and Give us a Call Today!

You have enough on your plate already. Leave the HVAC repair, maintenance and installation to the pros. We’re fast, friendly, reliable and come with a 40 year proven track record of satisfied New Jersey customers just like you.