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Getting Ready for Winter

Mike Muccia's first 4 tips to get ready for winter Mike's Tip #1 In a recent edition of Mike's Kwik-Tip on Facebook, we recommended that you remove the timers off any hose bibs since a quick unexpected freeze will destroy the internal plastic parts. (In English please!) There is a fitting where a hose can be attached to a home water supply (usually more than one) so watering the lawn and garden is simplified. The part that the hose screws onto is called a hose bib.  We received many "thank you"s for that tip, but now that we are in [...]

NJ Licensed Plumbers: It Really Matters

Everyone, depending on age and education, can feel confident doing handyman jobs around their home, condo or business. One example is dealing with a slow or clogged drain. Most (both male and female) homeowners will take a quick drive to the local home improvement center, and look for something stronger than what is sold in the local grocery store next to bleach and dish detergent. However, when it comes to drains and sewage plumbing, while there are many small things that a regular handyman can do on his or her own, small issues can turn into big problems. And a [...]

Causes of Clogged Drains That Don’t Drain

Whether you’ve taken a shower and your ankles are underwater, or your kitchen or bathroom sink takes forever to drain, here’s what's causing the clog and some tips on what to do today if your drains running slow or not at all. Soap: The Silent Drain Clogger When it comes to bathroom drains and basins, the typical cause is a combination of soap and hair. Whether it’s gel-based shaving cream, liquid soap for washing hands or shampoo in the tub, they all have the same thing in common – they are sticky. Whether your drains are metal or plastic or [...]

August 3rd, 2017|Drainage, Safety|

Your Neglected Sump Pump

One of the most overlooked components in residences today is below ground level and works well – until it doesn’t. I am speaking of the almighty sump pump. But first a history lesson: French drains, as they are frequently called have very little to do with the country in their name. In fact, French drains are an American invention. They were popularized by Henry Flag French (1813-1885) who was born and raised in Concord, MA. They were developed to respond to the homes built in the late 1700s and 1800s before foundations constructed out of reinforced concrete. The results were [...]

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