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Check out our blog! You can find several helpful tips, informational guides, news stories, recent posts, and more on everything heat. Contact Muccia in New Jersey for plumbing and HVAC services and help with your home or office systems.

Getting Ready for Winter

Mike Muccia's first 4 tips to get ready for winter Mike's Tip #1 In a recent edition of Mike's Kwik-Tip on Facebook, we recommended that you remove the timers off any hose bibs since a quick unexpected freeze will destroy the internal plastic parts. (In English please!) There is a fitting where a hose can be attached to a home water supply (usually more than one) so watering the lawn and garden is simplified. The part that the hose screws onto is called a hose bib.  We received many "thank you"s for that tip, but now that we are in [...]

Heating System Startup

Muccia Plumbing, Heating and AC has already begun to get calls to schedule a heating system startup. It makes sense and it's worth spending a few moments understanding what we do and why you should care. Understanding the complex heating system and why it needs an annual startup Your heating system is a complex machine. It includes a variety of devices that check for fuel pressure, water level, water pressure, valves, zones, pumps and more. These devices and indicators are specific to your system, and are meant to take care of each part of your home or business with a [...]

It’s not too late to service your heating system

It's human nature to procrastinate - to put off things that are messy, interrupt your day, cost some money, but mostly it's finding the time to get it scheduled. The Time Is Now! Please make the call to Muccia Plumbing and Heating at 201-343-1414 I'm not talking about planning your Thanksgiving menu, getting the car inspected, or even picking out a sweater for your brother's birthday which was last week. It's time to contact Muccia Plumbing and get your winter heating system tuned, cleaned and ready to run. It's probably been run a couple of times already - most likely with dirty [...]

November 8th, 2017|Heat|

Your Thermostat: the Easiest Way to Control Heating Costs

Whether you heat your home with propane, fuel oil or natural gas, there is a direct connection between the higher cost of oil and the overall cost to warm your residence or business regardless of fuel type. It doesn't matter if your system is hot air, hot water or radiant heat. As heating fuel prices rise, homeowners and business owners begin looking at energy efficiencies. These include replacing old windows, putting more insulation in attics, even putting foam inserts behind light switch plates. With the return of NJ subsidies for solar energy, high heating costs drive some to consider rooftop [...]

October 1st, 2017|Heat|

Choosing Heating Systems Service and Repair in New Jersey

As winter approaches New Jersey, it is time to ensure you will have an efficient, working heating system. Extremely low temperatures in homes are not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous to your health. It's imperative for your heating system to be up and running during the cold season. Heater problems should be addressed promptly by calling in experts to diagnose and repair them. Never gamble with these systems by trying to go Do-It-Yourself. Done incorrectly, you may be forced to replace more components by a heater repair contractor in New Jersey. When looking for a contractor, ensure that you land the best one as not all of them are capable [...]

September 8th, 2017|Heat|

Selecting Heating System Repair in Bergen County New Jersey

Your home and/or business heating are obviously important when the weather starts changing. A heating system that has stopped working brings a lot of inconvenience to the people living in that house. These systems are very complicated, and it is better to call a Bergen County heating repair company to fix the problems. With the companies available in Bergen County, you should take extra care to ensure you land the best one and avoid the bogus ones that will add more problems to your system. Here are the tips; Operation Period. Always prefer the heating repair companies that have been [...]

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