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Check out our blog! You can find several helpful tips, informational guides, news stories, recent posts, and more on everything tankless water heaters. Contact Muccia in New Jersey for plumbing and HVAC services and help with your home or office systems.

Muccia Plumbing Explains Water Heater Replacement

We often bring up water heater replacement in our online and Facebook posts. Some readers might assume it’s not just sound advice. Today we’re going to go a little deeper on why hot water heaters need to be replaced. Like any other home appliance, it can be a surprising hit to your budget. Just like your refrigerator, microwave or even your car, replacing the water heater will result in one less headache you can count on for several years. Consider that neglecting to replace your water heater before it fails ends up costing far more in repairs and operational costs. [...]

Muccia Plumbing Embraces Conversion: Tank to Tankless Hot Water Heaters

 From Tank to Tankless Hot Water Heaters: Muccia Plumbing of Hackensack NJ Embraces Conversion with Discounts The venerable hot water tank has finally met it's match. For the last ten years, debates continued about the efficiencies and longevity of tank vs tankless water heaters. However, the match is over. Recent updates in materials and processes for on-demand hot water from a tank unit can stand up side by side with a new tankless. First, the obvious, there is no need to run precious water up two stories until it's warm enough to take a shower. In fact, there is a [...]

US Dept. of Energy Rule Raises Hot Water Heater Costs

ALERT: a New US Deptartment of Energy Rule Will Raise Hot Water Heater Costs The announcement happened about 18 months ago. The US DOE allowed distributors to sell in-stock units made before the announcement, but now those units have all but disappeared. Home and business owners are likely unprepared for a much larger than anticipated expense. As a Bergen County Plumbing and Heating service for more than 40 years, Muccia Plumbing wants homeowners to be aware of this change now. This post serves to remind you to budget accordingly, based on the age of the existing water heater you own. [...]

Selecting Heating System Repair in Bergen County New Jersey

Your home and/or business heating are obviously important when the weather starts changing. A heating system that has stopped working brings a lot of inconvenience to the people living in that house. These systems are very complicated, and it is better to call a Bergen County heating repair company to fix the problems. With the companies available in Bergen County, you should take extra care to ensure you land the best one and avoid the bogus ones that will add more problems to your system. Here are the tips; Operation Period. Always prefer the heating repair companies that have been [...]

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