Movin’ Out.

Leaving #BergenCounty? It’s true. New Jersey, whether it’s a change of jobs, costs of commuting or high real estate taxes that are only deductible to the $10,000 limit on a Federal Tax return, is losing its population to warmer and lower cost of living southern states. If you are thinking about a move and remaining in the Garden State or heading to another state, your home will have to pass an inspection by a certified pro. You can avoid surprises discovered on an inspector’s report by doing some of your own checks. Here’s a quick list of things to check:

Check the Hot Water Heater

Inspect your hot water tank or tankless system for leaks and other problems, such as rust on or around the pipes of the hot water heating device. Open the drain screw and let some water out into a bucket. If it looks dark brown, or a rusty-color, it likely means that the water heater has decayed to the point that it is overdue for a replacement. As we have said so often, check the label of the water heater to find out when it was installed or look for the town inspector’s approval sticker. Hot water heater tanks should be replaced every 8-10 years. Rather than be forced to compensate the new owner at closing for a replacement, call Muccia Plumbing and schedule a new hot water heater install. Not only will you get our top-notch, white-glove service, but you’ll find coupons on our website for discounts available that can result in a lower cost than the “recommended adjustment to sales price” provided by the home inspector. You’ll also get our recommendation on brand, size, capacity and any updates to be compliant with changes in NJ i.e., a 4″ exhaust venting pipe.

Check the Water Pressure

You can tell a lot about your home’s plumbing system by turning on the faucets and flushing the toilets. Just by watching the flow of water can let you know a lot about the health of your pipes. Clean pipes will consistently deliver a strong, high-pressure water flow that drains quickly and easily when rinsed or flushed. Slow flow can be as simple as a clogged shower head or faucet. Slow draining can indicate blockages somewhere in the pipelines. Muccia Plumbing partners with Drain Busters to clear any clogs. We can also remove and clean any faucet or shower head.

Check Washing Machine Hoses

Did you know that one of the most frequent reasons for flooded basements is burst washing machine hoses? If you’re washing machine is over 5 years old and you’re still running on your original hoses, it’s possible for those hoses, which are always under pressure whether the machine is on or off to burst. You can purchase non-leak hoses on-line of at home improvement centers that will block water at the supply point. If getting behind and changing those hoses are beyond your ability, Muccia Plumbing offers that as a service.

Check the Sump Pump(s)

Older homes which have “settled” may allow rainwater to make its way to the basement. If your basement is completely or partially finished, carpeting can become waterlogged, and furniture can be ruined beyond repair. The most popular solution is installing “French Drains” which involve cutting a track around the perimeter of the concrete basement floor, creating a route for rainwater to travel, and have it flow to a pit for the sump pump. The flow of water into the pit will raise the float attached to the electric pump which will move the water outside and away from your home.

Why Muccia Plumbing ?

Muccia Plumbing is Bergen County’s Premier Plumbing, Heating and AC Services company. If you’re selling your home, a home inspection is a mandatory step in the process. Home inspectors are paid to find problems, even minor ones in order to justify their fees. And you would want the same if you were buying a house. However, by doing a bit of work on your own, you can knock down any issues a home inspector might find and getting to them first. To be fair, plumbing problems tend to start off small, and if not caught early, can snowball into epic proportions. A full inspection from the finest plumbers in Bergen County is just what you need to feel at-ease. For more information about Muccia Plumbing and our extensive menu of services—including full-service inspections, emergency 24/7 on-call attention, and more, give us a call.