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For more than 43 years, Muccia Plumbing & Heating business has been servicing Bergen County, NJ. Governor Murphy has instituted a lock down due to the Coronavirus and U.S. COVID-19 Pandemic in March and April, 2020. Muccia Plumbing & Heating is considered a vital or essential service by the local government, allowing our business to continue to provide our customers and the public with the best in plumbing, heating and AC related services. Our office staff is on duty from 7 AM to 5 PM Mon-Fri, and we maintain a unique after hours call service for late evenings, weekends, and holidays.

How We Can Help During the Pandemic

Unfortunately, this COVID-19 lock down means that throughout New Jersey, people who do not provide medical, pharma, grocery and other essential services and businesses, are required to stay at home by the local government, including education services. Essential business work and related industries can help preserve economic stability in local communities, both here in New Jersey and as far away as California. If you have a critical or moderate problem related to plumbing or heating like water leaking or sink systems that won’t drain water, Muccia Plumbing wants to act, helping in several important ways to provide safe work and service to you:

Dispatch prioritized based on age vs service required

Our business is attentive to the needs of customers and their households in our #BergenCounty community and economy and providing priority plumber service and businesses to people who are over 60 first. The Federal and NJ Health Officials indicate that Senior Citizens who may have critical lung or heart problems are the most susceptible to the COVID-19 virus. Being centrally headquartered in Hackensack, NJ in Bergen County with other businesses allows us to balance service priorities and vital resources or supplies, based on the severity of the problem, with our commitment to support our older community and the national public health in general.

Doing our part, and more during the COVID-19 pandemic

Muccia Plumbing is taking any risk of spreading this disease seriously along with other essential businesses. We realize that letting anyone, even our workers, access to your home or even close to you or your household may present an opportunity for the Coronavirus infection. Therefore, we are taking extra steps starting early in March/April 2020 for COVID-19 relief and protection to avoid any contact between you and our workers and techs and their supplies, and vice-versa, whether installing hot water tank systems or fixing water leaks or problems with the water flow in your home.

Take the Precautions You Need

First, once your plumber and their services are scheduled, we will call you when we are on our way so you can plan accordingly. Since we may be working with the water sources in your home, our plumbers will be ready to provide adequate time, giving you an opportunity for handwashing and getting the water you need ahead of time and to put on a mask or wrap your nose and mouth softly with a towel.

No Need for Contact With Us

Next, we will remove any reason for our tech or plumber to engage with you on a face to face basis. For example, if the tech needs your approval to proceed, he’ll go outside if you wish so you can review and approve the estimated fee for service. If, in a rare situation, he needs to return to the warehouse in Hackensack to search for and access or retrieve parts or supplies not typically carried on board the truck, once again, he will let you know when he is approaching your location.

We dress for our mutual protection from the Coronavirus and the public health

While this is part of our normal process, it’s worth mentioning that our techs and workers wear booties over their shoes much like physicians wear in a hospital to minimize risk. They also wear special rubber gloves so as to provide no opportunity for COVID-19 to spread and cross the critical barrier from any of our personnel to anywhere on your home. Lastly, we clean the area we serviced and clean up any water so that it is cleaner than when our tech arrived.

We realize that some plumbing repairs may require two technicians to move heavy boiler heaters and hot water heater tanks. Regardless of how many people are required to service your home, each member of the Muccia Plumbing team works the same way, following recommended medical guidance to prevent the spread of the virus. Despite the dangers presented by the coronavirus, you can feel confident that the work you need done, does not need to stop.

Now we can service you without a premium charge

Lower plumbing rates are a silver lining in the cloud of COVID-19 and economic unrest in the U.S. Many people who hold down 9-5 jobs are faced with paying the weekend or after-hours premium we charge. But if you are home-bound, our quality service can be rendered at whatever time you prefer, from early in the morning to the late afternoon. Whether its a water leak or a tank replacement, we’ll let you know how long your job will take to make it most convenient. You may choose to remain home and read a book, watch TV, or take a walk, if weather permitting and you’re able, or just relax comfortably at home. Put your trust in Muccia Plumbing (with 43 years experience in Bergen County) to treat you like family and quickly resolve your plumbing, heating and/or ventilation issues.

Take a $25 discount for your job

Did you know you could visit our website at and instantly download a $25 coupon to use towards your service call at our business? First, just press the blue box, enter your e-mail, and the discount coupon will be delivered to your email mailbox, and you can even subscribe or comment on the service of our business. Not only that, but you could even DOUBLE the value to $50 if you leave us a positive customer review with us on Yelp, Facebook or Google. Need help writing a review? No Yelp account? We’ll help. Just send an email to!

Contact the top Plumbing in New Jersey Today!

Trust Muccia Plumbing to deliver quick, reliable service and with your health on the top of our mind. Whether you need help with a water flow problem, a water heater tank, leaking water, or any other plumbing or heating issue, we are here to provide great service just as we have in the past. Search for us online and call us today to speak with our office staff at 201-343-1414. We are here to help and are able to answer any questions you might have, offering the urgent help you may need in an emergency plumbing or HVAC situation, and we will be prepared to protect your health and wellness as we go so as not to pose a risk to you or your family. You can connect with us over the phone anytime for customer support when you need to. Everyone, businesses, communities, the local NJ economy, and our local and federal government; can work together to get relief and overcome this U.S. COVID-19 pandemic. As we move into April 2020, we are remaining optimistic and search for future news on the disease and the economy or economic impact of the pandemic. Our community, our businesses, and our world can fight COVID-19 and win. We’ll get through this Coronavirus pandemic together.

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