Since the advent of SharkBite Copper pipe fittings, we’ve seen a marked increase in panicky homeowners (and their spouses) due to improper installations by the Do-It-Yourselfer.

Here’s the real deal for #BergenCountyhomeowners.

SharkBite is a brand of “push to connect” copper pipe connectors to copper, pex, and other plumbing materials. Most plumbers prefer to use a torch and solder to ensure a water-tight leakproof fitting. However, should you not have the training and experience that should not imply that you snap it in and walk away.

There is still some prep that needs to take place as follows:

  • Cut the copper pipe gradually using a pipe cutter, not a hacksaw. Make sure the cutting blade (ring) is sharp. Avoid using excessive force as this will deform the pipe from the original round shape and will require more deburring.
  • The outer edge of the copper pipe must be reamed clean – we advise to ream/deburr the inside also to reduce turbulence. When a pipe is not reamed or reamed improperly, abrasive edges may cut the O-ring which seals off the water. In fact, lack of or improper reaming is probably the most contributing factor to O-rings failure.
  • Measure – pipe must be fully inserted into the fitting to a depth specified in instructions. The depth is the same for OmniGrip and SharkBite fittings, so a SharkBite depth gauge & deburr tool can also be used with OmniGrip. When the pipe is not fully inserted, it will leave room for leakage.
  • Use PEX stiffener (insert) when using push fittings with PEX tubing. Stiffeners included with SharkBite, OmniGrip and other brand fittings help to maintain a round shape of the PEX pipe to assure a proper water-tight seal. They are required, not just recommended When disconnecting a push fitting, always use a designated disconnect clip.  Do not use screwdrivers, knives, or any other tools, as they may damage the fitting and render it unusable. When/if removing a PEX stiffener (insert) from the push fitting – do it properly. Hold the insert with needle-nose pliers and push on the lip of the fitting with a disconnect tool (in the same manner a pipe is disconnected), while slowly but firmly pulling the insert out.
  • Pressure test. Like any other system, installed push fittings must be pressure-tested prior to being put into use. We recommend testing with air for new systems.

Now if all of this is confusing or beyond your experience, count on your “Uncle Mike” to do the job right. Call #MucciaPlumbing at 201-588-5907. As Uncle Mike says “Do it Right Or do it TWICE!”

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